The amazing events just keep on coming!

I can’t take it, the events are so amazing and just keep on happening!

Whether you’ve made it for one, several or none of the evnts, come on by for one!

Still on the roster:
-> Sat Sept 3
, 11am-1pm, RARE Productions
-> Thu Sept 8
, 5.30-8pm, Twin Cities Anti Sexual Violence Workers
-> Sat Sept 10
, 11am-1pm, International Jewish anti-Zionist Network, Twin Cities
-> Mon Sept 12
, 5.30-8pm, 2 Spirit First Nations Collective
-> Thu Sept 15, 5.30-8pm, Chicano Studies & The Borderlands
-> Sat Sept 17, 2-5pm – Closing Reception

All events at Vine Arts Center, 2637 27th Ave S, Mpls

More updates on events past:
8.25, Kulture Klub Art Garden
We got to hear from the young people who participate in the garden project including how the project has helped them break down walls in their neighborhood.
There was also an awesome slide show of their work from throughout the summer.

8.29, Mizna
It was an amazing Saturday morning event featuring three speakers focusing on, Perspectives on Borders and Occupation.
Speakers and performers included Fouzi Slisli, Taous Khazem, Ibtisam Alkam, and Sherine Mashn offering academic, personal, and artistic reactions to the Israeli occupation and the wall surrounding the West Bank.

8.29, Oyate Nipi Kte
Four members of Oyate Nipi Kte honored us with a talk about the connections between the occupations and colonization of this land we call the United States and Palestine. For those of us in the audience who are settlers on this land and who support the colonization of Palestine, this event offered us an important perspective that hopefully we all took to heart.

9.1, Trans Youth Support Network
TYSN presented a workshop on borders and our bodies including information on TYSN itself, time to explore the walls of gender that are created for us and that we have created for ourselves and used theater of the oppressed techniques to embody the cultural and physical systems that bar ourselves from ourselves and one another and to embody the systems of resistance we use to make powerful connections, regardless.

Next Up:
Saturday Sept 3, 11am-1pm, RARE Productions
featuring Louis Alemayehu, Andrea Jenkins, Shannon Gibney, Ovaidial Horton/SunRa Lightwaves and Terri Stark.
Can’t wait!

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